N.C.C. Camping Rules

Welcome to this N.C.C Campsite. We hope that you will enjoy your stay. The following rules are intended to make your stay pleasant at this campsite.
  1. Registration: The warden will help you take care of this procedure.
  2. Electricity: Will be charged at a daily rate or by according to a meter.
  3. Fire Prevention: We expect every visitor to have an easily accessible fire extinguisher in their caravan or camper. Open fires are not permitted and before commencing to barbecue, please consult with the warden.
  4. Awnings and Tents: Awnings are permitted, however these should not exceed 3.5m in width. In addition, maximum 2 small tents are allowed.
  5. Site and Environment: Please assist us to keep the pitches in top condition by collecting your wastewater in a suitable container and disposing of this at the designated disposal points. Household rubbish should be placed in plastic bags, which should be tied and disposed of in the appropriate containers.
  6. Consideration for other campers: From 23.00 to 07.00 is the designated a quiet period. Between these hours it is not permitted to drive your car or camper and please make sure to contain all noises to within your own pitch area.
  7. Domestic Animals: Maximum 2 pets are allowed, but they must be kept on a leash when outside. They must be walked off the site but should an ‘accident’ occur, you are expected to clean up immediately.
  8. Guests: If you are expecting guests, please inform the warden in advance and ask the guests to report to the warden upon arrival.
  9. Payment: Payment should be made to the warden prior to departure. Opening hours are clearly displayed at the site office.
  10. Finally: In cases not covered by the aforementioned rules, the warden is empowered to decide and his decision is final. The warden is also empowered to refuse entry of campers or visitors to the site.

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